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Bypass all restrictions, use General Downloader to download your favorite files from best file shares in “direct link” way – with no waiting and watching ads. Just find the file you need and click Download and it will start automatically!

More sensational features are coming soon!


General downloader for mediafire

General World presents absolutely free universal downloader for mediafire file hosting service. Why do you need it? Because it greatly simplifies the work with this website. You just click «+» to enter a link and then click «OK».

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The rest is done by the software. The downloader will inform you when the file is downloaded. The downloads are put in a queue, so the download of the next file will start as soon as possible. This program lets you avoid many nuisances of the free service of file hosting websites, like advertisement, captcha, count-down timers and others. Of course we can not influence the download speed or some other premium-only features of the, we do, however, let you fully use them if you have a premium account there, you just have to fill your login data in the program. We have no interest in the promotion of the premium accounts at any file hosting service and we can't guarantee that they will work as it was claimed. The main purpose of our program is to help specifically the free users to download what they want. We are not related to the mediafire in any way.

You can read more about the mediafire at its websites, here is what we could find and summarize:

Brief description: is not just another one-click file hosting service. For some reason, unlike many competitors they enjoy the reputation of a "white" and legal service. They also offer a number of things that are very rarely seen in other systems. One of their unique features is that the Mediafire supports the resume of the broken downloads (during 24 hours) even for the free users. Another feature of that kind is the possibility to download several files simultaneously, again even for the free users. Among a few others they offer a built-in search engine, but it works only with the files that are marked as shared by the uploaders. Besides of all that cool features for the downloaders, the service is one of the handiest for the pure file-sharing purposes. They have a nice desktop software and simple interface not overclogged with the advertisement. In many ways it's almost like a Dropbox.

Website of mediafire:

We have to note one great bonus of our mediafire download manager is that you can use it together with the General Files - file search engine to download files in one click. If you want to find a file at the, either use the keyword search and select the mediafire in the Options.


You will get File mediafire Search , or simply make a search query for your keyword and the «mediafire» and the file search engine will filter out all the other file hosting results. Then choose the file you need and click "Download via General Downloader" button.

Download via General Downloader

In this moment the program intercepts this download and will either start it or wait for your action, according to the settings that you made in it.
As you can see everything is very handy and simple. We hope our download manager proves itself very useful for you.

Let us note that this file hosting is just one of the services supported by our free downloader. At this point the software is supplied with the built in modules for the most polular file hosting websites.

You can also search for the files on all of the supported services, by selecting the option «GD Supported», either on the website or in the General Downloader.

All registered users of the General World (the registration is free and takes only a few seconds) have a number of extra features, like an automatic interception of the download links from the mediafire clicked on the webpage or from the system clipboard.


Please don't hesitate to contact us, we are waiting for your feedback.