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Bypass all restrictions, use General Downloader to download your favorite files from best file shares in “direct link” way – with no waiting and watching ads. Just find the file you need and click Download and it will start automatically!

More sensational features are coming soon!


Desctop version is avaliable ON any platforms for maximum usability

General Downloader is AVAILABLE IN A VERSION ON MOBILE including android

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The Features

  • The GD supports premium accounts in file-hosting websites.
    The GD includes premium account support for the most popular file-hosting services, so if you have a premium account in a certain file-hosting service, you will be able to download what you need from there without any restrictions. Just specify your premium account data in the program settings.
  • The GD integrates into the most popular browsers:
    • Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Opera
    • Internet Explorer
  • The GD gives you simple control...
    Right after adding links to the queue, the General Downloader checks them for validity. Files are downloaded in the order they are added to the application. You can change the priority at any time.
  • The GD protects your security
    Our software is spyware and adware free. All the information that you enter in the GD is safe and will not be used by us or transferred to a third party..
  • ... and extensive information
    Before downloading you can view detailed information about file, including extended description, user reports, rating, file type, size, date added and much more.
  • The GD helps us to improve the service for you!
    System analyzes top interests of GD users and initiates automatic crawling machine to get more links relevant to top requests of our users (anonymously). Every time you use the General Downloader, you help us improve the file database of the General Files service.

File hosting

General Downloader currently supports downloading from the direct links and from the following file-hosting websites:


  • 31/05/2013
    New version has been released,
  • 29/01/2013
    New version has been released,!
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    New version has been released,